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Chris Davis

Founder / CEO

Chris Davis has built 14 financially successful companies since 1981. He has spent over 20 years in Asia working with companies and factories to create quality textiles, apparel, medical supplies and more. Drawing on all of his experience, Chris created MorUniversity with the idea of making healthcare a safer profession. His depth of knowledge in overseas manufacturing was key to developing the revolutionary combination of cutting-edge technologies woven into every MorU scrub.

Chris’ background lends credence to his ability to assemble the right people to achieve the goal of growing MorUniversity. He knows how to think globally, harness the power of technology and utilize his worldwide contacts to lower production cost while improving quality and delivery.

Aside from his own ventures, Chris has worked with companies like Nike, Adidas, Hanes, Disney, Hallmark, Pizza Hut, Pepsi and other large corporations in Europe and the Middle East.

Donna Nelson

Marketing and Merchandising Manager

Donna Nelson loves working closely with the leaders of our schools to create and design their custom scrubs. She draws on her 30-year career in film and photography to give her an eye for the perfect look and fit.

Donna has worked with Pepsi, Hallmark, Wal-Mart, Ford, and Budweiser along with many celebrities over the years. Now, Donna is busy working with MorUniversity’s latest schools as well as monitoring our photography, marketing and sales strategies.

Donna knows how important it is to believe in what you’re doing. Her passion for golf led her to start her own golf accessories business. Now, she spends her time showing potential clients how a custom, antimicrobial, breathable, long-lasting scrub can benefit everyone in the health industry.

Kyle Davis

VP of Operations

As a family business, Chris was very proud when his son came to the company to manage the operations and fulfillment processes. Kyle brings years of industry experience from his time at Colgate/Hills and Kiewit. If there is one word to describe Kyle’s business style it would be meticulous. Kyle works tirelessly to oversee the day-to-day operations of MorUniversity.

Kyle’s Mandarin Chinese language skills combined with more than a decade of travel to Asia are invaluable in overseeing the quality and timely delivery of every MorUniversity product line.

A testament to just how meticulous Kyle is, he holds four business degrees from Kansas State University. Kyle Davis leaves no stone unturned in his efforts to streamline MorUniversity’s operations while exceeding the highest standards of quality.

Josh Walker

Customer Service Manager

If you call MorUniversity there is a good chance you might speak to Josh Walker. Josh is our Customer Support Manager and he loves working with our customers on a personal basis to answer all of their questions. Josh knows how important it is to hear a real voice when you call a company like MorUniversity and he makes sure our customers get to speak with someone right away.

Great customer service starts with understanding every aspect of our business. Josh knows a lot about how your scrubs get from the factory to your doorstep thanks to his experience as an assistant warehouse auditor for Ash City. Now, he can monitor every part of the process to ensure every MorUniversity customer is a satisfied customer.

Josh is a Tiger… you know, the ones from Mizzou.

Ana Maria Elmendorf

Sales Manager

Ana Maria Elmendorf's energy and passion for the apparel industry is illustrated by more than 20 years of experience. Ana Maria knows how important it is to cultivate lasting relationships with her customers. She works diligently to guide each school through the decision making process to create the perfect custom scrub and accessory line.

Prior to her work for MorUniversity, Ana Maria was president of Kids 4Ever, Inc. in St. Petersburg, Florida. Using her highly effective skills for recruiting, staffing and motivating, the company increased its sales more than two million dollars in two years. Now, Ana Maria manages several MorUniversity accounts while providing insight for strategic planning and product development.

Ana Maria prides herself in working for companies with products that make a difference. Coca Cola, Crayola, Disney and Warner Brothers are just a few of the brands she has worked with over the years. Now, Ana Maria focuses on introducing MorUniversity's custom scrubs to schools, hospitals, and clinics across the country.